Welcome to Lindy Hop On the Rock !!!

We are a growing community of lindy hop dancers in St. John's, NL, offering dance class every
Tuesday all year round.


**7-8pm - Beginner class
**7-8pm -Intermediate class
**8-8:30 - Free-dancing
**8:30-9:30 - Advanced class

The Landing (Room 3018) on the third floor of the University Centre building at Memorial University.

Where is that building? Click here for campus map (look for #11).

- $30/session (of 6 weeks).
- Drop-in fee: $5/class (option available only for the 1st class of the 6 week-session).

We strongly encourage people who wants to try swing dancing to come to the first lesson of every 6 week-session where we will cover the very basics. We will be exploring more advanced moves during the last part which may be tough for beginners to pick up, but beginners may enjoy and benefit from just watching. We'd also very much like to encourage the advanced and beginners students to come out for the free-dancing--it's all about mingling, sharing and having lots of people to dance with!

Not sure if you'll fit into the intermediate/advanced class? Just come give it a try. I promise, we won't eat you ;)

Check our facebook group for weekly information.

You can contact us by posting on the facebook page (faster response) or via email lindyhopontherock@gmail.com

Happy dancing!

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